Jen Freeman on her first episode of TLC Extreme Couponing Season 1 Finale

 Jen Freeman is a television personality, nationally acclaimed speaker, Couponing Expert and “Living Almost Free” Lifestyle Coach.

Jen, her husband Mike and their twin were featured on TLC’s Extreme Couponing and Extreme Couponing All-Stars.  Jen has personally shared the “Living Almost Free” Lifestyle to over 200,000 people across the globe.

Learn the “Living Almost Free” Lifestyle directly from the woman who created it, Jen Freeman.  Only Jen goes far beyond extreme couponing to show her audiences how to simply and easily make savings part of every family’s daily lifestyle – and, just as important, how to make it fun and educational, too.  In the last year alone, thousands have attended Jen’s Living Almost Free™ Lifestyle presentations.

rebate in okinawa  Jen Freeman

One of my first trips – stationed overseas in the early 1990’s

From Jen Freeman:
When my husband and I moved overseas to Japan during the 90′s with the military, I was stunned at the prices we paid for food on base. I learned to coupon & refund while living there. From contacts with the Refunding Makes Cents magazine I became acquainted with people that sent me expired coupons. The military can use expired coupons overseas 6 months past the expiration date. I would distribute the coupons to different facilities on base when a package came in. When we moved back to the states prices seemed so cheap to me that I fell out of couponing.

Jen Freeman kids picture from TLC Extreme Couponing

Jen Freeman’s Children (two for one)

Now fast forward a few years and I was blessed with the best coupon EVER ~ one pregnancy 2 babies! Best BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) I ever received was when I found out I was pregnant with twins! And it’s been a ride ever since. I became a work at home mom until they were two and realized I couldn’t keep that up. So, when I officially quit working and our economy began to falter it sparked a renewed interest for me to become frugal, again. I love the challenge of saving money and finding great deals that benefit my family’s bottom line and fill our stomachs with yummy healthy food. I started stockpiling health, beauty aids & paper goods 2 years ago, then realized I needed to do the same for groceries since prices have begun to skyrocket.

I had taken on the challenge of home schooling my bundles of energy. I constantly share information that I find compelling and free resources when I come across them. These resources can be used along with any schooling program: public, private or homeschool. Some of these resources will be a great thing to pull out when you hear the words “I’m bored”

I have a great respect for parents and value the different choices we make for our families and our children’s schooling.

So between couponing, blogging, cooking from scratch, the twins AND still enjoying being my handsome husband’s girlfriend after 25 years ~ life is busy and fulfilling!  I want to share all that I learned with others and help them achieve extreme savings!

What Makes Jen Different:

Jen shows average Americans how to transform their lives from consumers to savers. She explains how they can get the most bang for their buck – Jen Freeman speaking at eventwhich activities will save them the most money in the shortest amount of time.

Of course, Jen is also one of the world’s leading Smart Couponing experts, but couponing is actually just a small part of her unique Almost Free Lifestyle that Jen shares with her audiences and her sponsors. Using her over 25+ years of personal experience, Jen shows how every aspect of life is an incredible opportunity to save – not just on groceries and retail, but on education, vacations, even renting or buying a home.

Jen shows how to get the whole family involved in a fun, exciting, no pressure way – and, while they’re at it, how to use savings opportunities to teach their kids everything from math to personal financial management.  Audiences respond to Jen because savings, like health, is not just something we should do once in a while.  Rather, Almost Free is a different – and most important FUN – way of living and raising your family and making them financially secure, even in today’s difficult economic times.

Jen’s calm, laid-back, friendly demeanor and her simple, clear explanations enable her to teach people of all backgrounds how to transform their consumer spending lifestyle into an Almost Free one. The result is much more time for family, work, and fun without the stress and anxiety! And kids grow up to be savers, not spenders.

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