Who Is Jen Freeman and the Couponing Angels  (See Videos Below)

This video is Season 3 (All Stars) of Extreme Couponing, Jen and friends decided to do this second trip after they told her that it would all go to a charitable organization. This second trip was $2400 worth of groceries retail, $1800 on sale, and she paid a total of .69 cents. All of it was donated to a local  Las Vegas  charity


This video is Season 1 of Extreme Couponing, Jen was approached by TLC /Discovery Network to do a televised shopping trip for their new show.  The trip was planned for Nellis Air Force Base Commissary.  Our plans changed when the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami hit Japan and the key military personnel who needed to oversee filming were deployed. With less than 2 weeks to go before filming, we shifted our planned shopping trip over to a local Las Vegas grocery store and still accomplished a very successful shopping trip.

Jen in Hawaii – Over 1200 People showed up to learn how to save.

Jens First Recorded Trip…That Put her on TLC Extreme Couponing

Las Vegas Review Journal event talking about responsible couponing…